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Sometimes We Just Have To Start The Journey…

Hilly Road

Sometimes we just have to start the journey. Without knowing the exact way. Without having the clear glance of our final destination. An energy covers us from within and motivates us to do our karma. The rest is taken care by the time, the universe. The cosmos gives us some signs, some glimpses in our day to day life, on how to proceed for the right path. We have to be capable of catching and understanding those signs. They many not be very clear, though sometimes they are crystal clear. When we start catching these signs, with time our efficiency increases, our stamina enhances, our passion steps up, our energy goes higher and so as our efforts. And gradually we reach at a level where we are nothing but hard-workers. We forget everything, we become just honest egotists, dedicated towards our work, our journey, our passion. These are the tiny but very important steps towards our destination. In future they will transform into bigger, stronger footmarks.
Whole moving onto this path, you give the world the by products of your hard-work. Those who are searching for the same signs as you were, get benefitted from your work, get help and they too move ahead. Through this way you give something to humanity, to the mankind.
Happy evening pals!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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