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That Sure… That Honest… That Strong…

that strong image

There is a hindi proverb,”Thotha Chana Baaje Ghana” which means empty vessels make more noise.

We can learn a lot from this. This proverb teaches us to be honest, to be secure, to speak less, to analyze situations before commenting & many more… it’s on us how many meanings can we take out from anything. 🙂

Now we should sit back & try to relate this idiom with the nature, with the universe. If we observe nature and all its elements like the sun, the moon, wind, rain, the stars; its whole existence. We will find that they all are so peaceful, so calm, and honest & the most important thing is they are sure of their existence. They never try to prove themselves because they know they exist. They never try to talk to us because they know they exist. They are just doing their work, without asking for any credits… honestly… because they know they exist.

The one who is quite sure of his existence, who is honest to the core; doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody. So, that kind of a person would speak less because he would be comfortable within. He wouldn’t say a word even if the whole world would stand against him because he would know what he is all about. He would know what he wants from life, from himself. He would never expect anything from anybody. I know it’s really difficult to find a person like this now a days…  Well… not in real life.

But I’ve found one in a book & that book is “Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. The hero of this book, Howard Roark, is such a personality. It’s a tough book to read, to stick on but if one succeeds in reading it, he would learn a lot.

 Come, let’s try to be that sure… that strong… that honest…

Thanks for your time buddies.

Have a sure day ahead!!!

Medhavi 🙂

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