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Hey Moon! How Do You Handle Such Glory!


O moon! Please tell me know do you handle such glory,
Without ever getting tired, what is the theory?
I truly want to visit the place where you reside
and of course the one where you hide.
How is the weather out there
And how do you glare?
Naah! I don’t believe that you reflect sun’s light,
You surely have your own journey, your own identity and you own flight.
How can you be so magnificent by just being there,
How can you not be in a haste and be a silent spectator?
Yes, just like all the elements of nature you too don’t belong to any religion,
It’s man who have created them, bound himself and have lost his own freedom.
The cosmos have taught us to be free,
To act like who we are and to respect our individuality.
But surprisingly man have chosen the concept of duality.
Sometimes I think why do I notice you and why ideas come into my mind?
Why should I write upon you, why should I be inclined?
But I don’t know why your presence, your silence, your aura gives me innumerate ideas and messages,
I just have to pick up the pen and my notebook to write those presages*.
Hey moon! Show the true, real path to the mankind,
So that they can be aligned.
And be focused on what they truly desire,
They too can use their potentials to the higher.
They too could be like the nature and the universe,
They too could be immerse.
Just show them the way,
I know you have more messages to convey.
By your mere display,
By your mere display.

Have a pleasant evening friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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