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My World


This is my world

There is no hurry or bewilderment
Just a try to complete surrender to the present moment.
A try to enjoy everything as it is
A cry for deeper satisfaction, tranquility and bliss.
Only genuine smiles and laughters are there
Which ooze out directly from the soul.
No diseases, only good health
No poverty, only wealth.
As my wiser self knows this is life
No responsibility would ever be completed
No tension would wholly be avoided
This is it’s strife.
Hence better to take out some of my own time
And let my journey be rhymed.
I don’t have to worry
Coz this rhyming is teaching me
How to act in the moments of fury.
This is a journey towards self-realization
Towards causation.
Happy & blissful day divines!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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