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Go back, go back in time,
Forget everything you’ve learned till now.
And start the journey with a new, fresh perspective.
See things around you with a new eye,
Observe everything with a fresh smile.
There are secrets hidden in every incident, in every tiny thing,
Secrets which want to be explored.
Every little thing has it’s own originality,
Which is far more different than what we observe.
Try to explore, try to find that originality.
Every person is far more different than how we perceive him/her,
Try to find, try to explore that originality.
See the world with a new eye,
Forget everything whatever you’ve been taught.
Everything, every living being has it’s own truth,
Which no one knows.
We have to find that truth,
We have to find our own truth.
No one is bad, no one is evil,
They are made like that by the society.
So don’t believe anyone,
Find your own truth,
Find your own truth.
Start the journey with a new perspective.
Have a great day friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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