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A Visit To Turkey And Some Experiences

Istanbul pic

Hubby was going to Turkey on a business trip. Suddenly my programme too came into picture along with my son. Because this article had to be written. 🙂   Sharing some information as well as experiences:
– If one has a valid UK, US or Schengen visa, he can get the Turkish visa on arrival. It may be get online as well.
– Turkey is an Asian country which is located on the border of Asia and Europe and hence both the cultures can be seen there.
– We visited Istanbul and Izmir. And found both the places equally beautiful, located at the beautiful blue sea sides. As winters were approaching there, the weather was a bit chilly. Though we didn’t explored many places except The Grand Bazaar and Hagia Sofia Mosque. But one may find many other beautiful mosques there like the blue mosque, Sultanahmet etc.
– For vegetarians (like us) it is really hard to survive there. Thankfully I took plenty of ready to eat Haldiram’s food & some home cooked paranthas. Yes, we can find bean burger in any of Burger King’s outlet, which is of course vegetarian. And margarita pizza can be ordered in Dominos. Otherwise people out there don’t know english as well.
– Yes, you can definitely try Turkish tea, which is black & comes in a transparent urn shaped tiny cup along with two sugar cubes & a slightly deep bowl. And of course Turkish coffee which, too, is black & comes with a glass of water to rinse away the bitterness (of coffee) afterwards. Haha… Both of them are a must try.
– Turkish sweets are also quite famous & can be found at many shops. One more thing I really liked was their dry fruits especially figs & walnuts. They are just awesome.
– Just like in India tea vendors can be seen on the road selling chai, as tea is also called chai there.
– You can get your shoes polished at any of the cobblers sitting at the road sides, with beautiful bottles of different coloured polishes.
– You can see rehdiwallas selling corns, boiled as well as roasted, along with roasted chestnuts.
– Some urdu words can be observed there which are commonly used in India like- dikkat as caution, kitap for kitab, kebap for kebab, masha-allah & insha-allah. Otherwise there is no similarity in our languages.
I could easily conclude that why urdu is called a khichdi language and how it would have been originated at the time of Mughals in India.
So, these were some of the tiny observations which may be useful for any future traveller to Turkey.
Will share some more profound & philosophical experiences in the next article.
Happy sunday friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

Sharing the real image of Istanbul, taken from my iPad.

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