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We live with our passion, for our passion, by our passion


On our recent foreign trip I met some people who are really dedicated towards their jobs. They travel a lot, they always think and talk about their work first. Though their wives are not that happy with them but still they love their work & their wives too.
As it was my husband’s business trip and as he is into construction business. This trip was meant to visit a PVC window frames factory. (PVC is a material made up of plastic, mainly used for window & door frames, is recyclable, rigid & long-lasting)
The person appointed to look after us by the company, was so passionate about his work that all he used to talk about was windows. He spent almost four days with us and worked as a language co-ordinator and guide to us; despite being on a higher post in his company. The first day we met him, he showed us seven of his travel tickets, of this month only, to the different parts of the world. We were surprised to see this. I thought why wouldn’t the company love these kind of employees and why would it ever let them go? Because his dedication was noticeable. We had many of our meals together and all he used to talk was windows. Hence I asked
him,” Mr. Bora, windows are your passion. I think you can write a book on them, they are philosophy to you?”
And he replied,” I don’t know about writing a book but of course windows are very important for us. Our eyes are our windows to see the world, so they are truly important.” I must admit that we were impressed. Then I thought isn’t it what passion is all about? I observe my husband also, he also notices only one thing wherever he goes and that is construction, of buildings, houses, the material used, the stones, the tiles, the sanitary & electrical fittings and so on… He always contemplates on how he can give the best to the customers, economically as well as in terms of strength & durability.
Then I thought don’t I think about writing all the time to express myself, my emotions? Don’t I try to find out dharma in every situation?
We all live with our passions, for our passions, by our passions. And I must say lucky are those who have found theirs.
On our way back to India, in the plane, happily I got the opportunity to sit on a window seat, as a woman desperately wanted to sit on my allotted seat to be with her sister. As the plane left the Turkish grounds I could see the beautiful lights down there, thousands of houses, buildings, where millions of people live with different dreams in their eyes and I asked myself,” Does Dharma For Life stands anywhere in this crowd? Will my writings be able to touch the perfection someday? Will they ever be able make a complete picture together, where each of my poetry and article would look as a tiny piece of a bigger complete picture, of learning, of hope, of passion, of satisfaction, of motivation? And would those writings be efficient enough to show the right path to people?”
And with this dream I came back home happily.

A very happy monday & a satisfactory week ahead buddies!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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