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You Have Wings… You Must Fly…

energetic woman

Hey women! It’s your time,

To think big, to achieve something in your life.

To attain new heights,

To move out, to have wings, to fly.

To be conscious of your existence,

To carry on your persistence.

You’ve given birth to lives,

You’ve raised them up with smiles.

You’ve taken good care of your house,

You’ve given plenty of love to your spouse.

Keep doing all that stuff,

But you are just not that enough.

You are competent to achieve even more,

Look there is a closed door.

Which is waiting to be opened,

You just need to be awakened.

And there lies your passion,

Some of your lost dreams’ accession.

Go! Go! for them, it’s never too late,

Yes, it’s waiting; it’s in your fate.

You can still do whatever you want,

So what if you will be a debutante.

Never, ever let your dreams die,

Go! Give it a try.

May be a little push from you is all that required,

For which in future you will be admired.

Go! Be an inspiration to many,

So that you won’t be having regrets any.

Hey Women! Just go and get it,

Find your wings & fly.

Yes, you have wings, you must fly…

Thanks for your time pals.

Have a broadminded day ahead!!!

Medhavi 🙂

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