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Hats Off to Kapil Sharma & Team For This Enthusiastic Come Back


“Comedy Nights With Kapil” is the only TV show I watch & in fact I wait for it through out the week. I watch it not only for their jokes, which are a bit cheaper at times, but to keenly observe their level of consciousness, their energy, their passion to make people laugh. In times where either people are crying on their own, due to their self-generated problems or because of some outer reasons which work for the destruction of human happiness.
I just love Kapil’s wit to crack instant jokes, how he converts his own insult into funny situations & how he makes fun of everybody, even celebrities have not abstained by his sense of humour. And surprisingly people as well as celebrities still love to come here because they see an honesty in Kapil’s personality, in his aura.
Recently, their set was burnt thoroughly and they had to face a loss of 22 crores. Whatever were the reasons but surprisingly they denied to stop, rather they came back with even more zeal & enthusiasm. And thats not all; they even included that accident into their comedy. Isn’t it amazing! I’m sure this time they must have been watched by even bigger crowds.
Once again hats off to you Kapil buddy!!! You people have proved the power of your consciousness.
Keep spreading happiness & laughters like this. People do need them.
Happy day & happy week pals. Keep smiling!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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