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“It’s all women generated”

Why do we judge a woman’s beauty by her fatness or thinness? How can we bind her beauty in just these traits? A woman can be beautiful in many ways, some do them can be: by her face, her features, her nature, her intelligence etc. actually the list is endless.
Then why all the girls and women want to be thin, Infact they are ready to do anything to get that so called “Perfect body”. Perfect body should not be taken as body which fits into size zero clothes. Rather it should be defined as a healthy and physically fit body. I think if we ask men about what do they think about thin or fat women, the answer would be, they don’t have to do much with it. Obviously how can a man like a woman on just the basis of her physique. There are many other important things, which everybody considers before liking anyone.
So, basically I think all the hype to be thin, is all women generated. Women have this psyche of being thin. As if they won’t be thin, they won’t be liked by anyone. And the rest is taken care by the so called International brands and our clothing outlets which sells limited sizes’ clothes only.
It’s okay ladies, just let it be. Just focus that you should not be that fat that you won’t be able to move or walk properly otherwise you would invite diseases. Instead your first priority should be a healthy and a fit body.
Medhavi Jain

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