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10 ways to contemplate differently over your problems

We all face variety of problems day in & day out, however the difference, between a calm being & a frustrated one, lies in the way of dealing with them. Well, life is what we make it & one can definitely learn to face the problems with a new perspective. Here is how:

1. You are not the only one

Ask yourself, ‘am I the only one, in the whole world, who is having all these issues in life?’ The answer would come,’dear there are innumerate beings like you & even a bigger number belongs to the ones who are worst than you.’

Believe me, this thought would give you courage.

2. Spend own time

I do that daily. Try to find the cause, sit for at least 30 minutes everyday, all alone by yourself, with yourself, anytime in the day; preferably when no one is around, and try to analyse your problems. Many solutions can be found during that time. Don’t criticise yourself unnecessarily but don’t leave your faults untouched as well.

During the own time mostly our higher self communicates with us. Sometimes the cause can be self-generated & the others may be not in your hands. But if one path is not taking you to the solution, believe that there are many other paths going towards the same or perhaps different, more beneficial solution.

3. Have faith

Don’t be disappointed, have faith that whatever happens, happens for a reason. In the long run this struggle is going to strengthen you, make you wiser & calmer.

4. Think good

Attract good thoughts. Say it to yourself each morning:

  • I have the capability of solving my problems.
  • I know it’s a temporary phase of my life & soon I will have a peaceful life.
  • I am attracting bliss towards me.
  • I am a divine being having physical experiences, which can be solved through my inner wisdom.

5. Show gratitude 

Count your blessings. No matter how bad one’s life is, there are innumerate blessings in one’s life, which one has not considered at all. 

If you are really frustrated, take a pen & a paper & start writing your blessings. Start with blessings that are smaller & simpler but very important, like to have a healthy body or to be able to write (in a country where there are many people struggling to get a moderate education); or you have a roof above your head.


[su_box title=”6. Meditate” style=”glass” box_color=”#be1111″]Meditation has nothing to do with religion. It’s a process of soothing one’s anxious mind, to get one connected with one’s inner, deeper self. [/su_box]

7. Read

It’s my personal experience, reading takes off your burden; when you get to know about different, woeful stories & how a person dealt with them, with her never say die spirit.

[su_box title=”8. The third person formula” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#add38a”]See your situation as a third person & analyse honestly. [/su_box]

9. Disentangle the knots now

How do you solve a puzzle? By moving step by step, right! It’s simple, try to solve one problem at a time & soon you will find that you have mastered the art.

10. Stop being lazy

Often we worry about that first step, which can lead us towards a positive change. So, move on & take that very first step of solving your own problems. Do it now!

Hope, this write up has served you, what you looked for. Would love to hear your experiences on the same. Get connected on my Facebook page Life Coach Medhavi Jain, to get my daily quotes.

Love & peace





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