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What to do if your Indian Passport is lost abroad

Losing passport, in some other country, is perhaps the worst nightmare one can have. But it happens as destined. This time I was its victim and the city was London, UK. The thieves there are so efficient in their jobs that it’s really hard to keep our stuff safe from them. Not only my passport but also all my cash in GBP was stolen, that too when the bag was with me at all times. So without further ado here is what you are supposed to do:

First step is to register a police complaint, for that visit the nearest Police Station. In my case the policeman present asked me to register the complaint online at mentioning all the best details possible. At the end you will be provided a complaint number, which needs to kept/noted down/ remembered carefully.

Second step is to contact the nearest Indian Embassy. In London it’s called ‘High Commission of India.’ Their website is Till the time you go there, try to drop an email about your problem at They are your rescuers in a foreign country. However now the complicated process starts. You are supposed to register an account at:

After that, login to your account and apply for an Emergency Travel Document (ETD) or Emergency Certificate. It looks like the one in the image. It’s a temporary passport for one time exit only from the country where your passport is lost. Please fill all the details very very carefully as on behalf of those details only your passport will be reissued. Then you have to fill Personal Particulars Form (PPF). It is available at
along with Annexure-E & Annexure-F

You also need to get 4 of your passport size photos clicked, to be pasted in forms & in ETD. There is a fee of 35 GBP for all these formalities, which they charge only through a Debit Card.

Also one must keep a photocopy of the complete passport, with all the visas, in email and one may also carry Adhaar Card as an ID Proof with one while traveling.

This is the best information I could provide for anyone in need. The process to get an ETD may take longer if your flight is after few days for in that case you may need to visit the nearest VFS office also to process your docs. But if your flight is in the evening & you lost your passport in the morning, it is the responsibility of the Embassy people to make sure that you will be able to catch your flight. I would like to thank Mr. Manish Singh, Minister (Economic), Dr. Dinesh and Mr. Rajesh, from the High Commission of India in London, for helping me tremendously.

Even the developed countries are becoming the centres of robberies, knife crimes and what not, so stay safe at all times.

That’s all for now friends!

Take care
Medhavi 🙂

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