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“What Could Be The Purpose Of Education?”

What could be the purpose of education or what should be the aim of gaining knowledge? I think the purpose behind education should be to make one’s mind strong and capable enough that he should be able to understand the different point of views behind a particular situation. The more one gains knowledge, the more he becomes capable of analysing circumstances. And after analysing he should be able to keep himself intact from that situation and then should give his/her views.

He should be a believer in equanimity, love and non-violence. His morals should be high.

But do you think today’s education system is teaching us these values? I say ‘NO’. Today’s education system is mere a “Lakeer Ka Fakeer”. There is no creativity, it lefts no chances for child’s own imagination or curiosity. It’s like a burden, which every child has to bear, till his/her education lasts. If you are good in studies then teachers give you importance.

The whole aim seems around impressing others, as if you are living your life for them. As if you owe them something, as if you are in their debt. And as a result today’s youth is under great pressure, and under this pressure only they get addicted to some habits, which should not be a part of their routine. Like- early sex life, smoking, drugs etc. They find it cool.

We can simply take the dictionary meaning of Knowledge and Information. The meaning of the word knowledge is: facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject

And the meaning of Information is: facts provided or learned about something or someone

Where information is learned, knowledge is acquired by a person through experience.

Do you think today’s education system is making children knowledgeable? Or they are just gaining information?


When a child comes into this world he is raw and fresh like a bud. Empty and free from any boundaries, but gradually we all put garbage into her/his mind and want her to be like a puppet, which should follow the society blindly. And if someone has a different mindset, if he talks about things with a different perspective, we start criticizing him because we feel insecure that who is he/she to change the system.

In India we all know how much illiteracy is there, so in this country being a literate itself should be considered good. But no, it’s a race, when you are literate then things don’t stop there only, then you have to be a topper, you should score at least 90-95% in your exams, then only you will be considered intelligent. Arey, can anyone answer if every child start getting these types of marks will our universities be able to give admission to all of them? And is it possible that all the fingers are equal? We all together make the society, if someone is good in studies, the other can be good in sports or arts or any other kind of creativity. Then why this race?

Well, these are all my point of views. Do let me know yours friends.

Thanks and have a great day!

Medhavi Jain


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