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A Conversation Between Me & A Higher Me

Me: I’m fed up of gossiping, but still I do it.
Higher Self: Thank God, at least you are  realising. At the time you start gossip, I always warn you not to do this, but you don’t listen.
Me: I know, I’m always listening to you and then I don’t know what happens, I just keep talking and talking.
Higher self: OK, don’t worry, there is always a next time. But keep it in mind, just think before you speak.
Me: Ya, I will. But I don’t know; there are some people in my life, with whom I just can’t get along well. It’s not like that; I speak to them rudely or something, but I just don’t like them because I find them rude. I don’t like their careless behaviour towards me, they pretend like they don’t care about me or whatever I feel.
HM: Ok, see there are reasons for everything. May be that person has some more complications in his/her life. May be your behaviour towards that person is also like that but as you’re not observing yourself, that’s why you are blaming him/her. It’s a truth that you can’t clap with just one palm.
Me: Umm… Actually honestly speaking I’m not rude but yes I sometimes ignore him. I pay more attention to others in front of him.
HM: See you know it. And I know that you are aware that love is the only real feeling in life. The more you spread it, the more you get it in return. Well, it may take some time, as the other person may be unaware of your true feelings, but it will happen for sure. You just have to be patient.
Me: But….
HM: Have patience my dear, have patience. Just keep analyzing yourself and you’ll get all the answers.
Me: But there are people around me, who say all this stuff and then I get influenced by them and start gossiping.
HM: Dear, this is not the purpose of our lives. These are all tiny things, invaluable. If you keep yourself rigid, the other person will also change gradually, and let me tell you one more thing; positivity and negativity, both spreads with equal speed. But negativity effects us more because through  it we can let out our frustrations on others. But if we choose positive thoughts; in that case we have to suppress our frustrations and besides that we have to ignore the other person who is spreading negativity.
So, you can’t give this excuse of other person influencing you. You do it because you want it.
Me: Thinking….

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