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Thank You Universe :-)

Today I woke up & felt amazingly happy, that I'm still kicking & alive. While there were equal chances of death too. Thank you Universe for giving me this existence, this life, this healthy body, this beautiful family, this wonderful house, this new day & all the other countless things.…

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Can’t we be like nature…

Sitting in the lawn, it's morning. It's so beautiful, peaceful & positive. The only sounds I can hear of chirping of birds; crows, pigeons, sparrows, some tiny migratory birds, cuckoo & I think many others... I can see squirrels playing on the wall of the lawn, some domestic birds are…

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Change is the inevitable process of nature

Change is the inevitable process of nature. No creation is absolutely new, no destruction is absolutely total. There is always partial creation and partial destruction. The basic and fundamental elements of creation are vouchsafed in the process of destruction, and hence the process of creation continues forever.

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A poem on a little bird

Hi Friends, I wrote this poem when I went to Mussoorie in last summers, in May 2011. I was observing a bird closely, while sitting in the balcony of my hotel room. And suddenly I got this idea that we all can learn a lot from these little birds. It can…

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