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One More Amazing Law Of The Universe

law of attraction 2

This too is an important law of the universe,

It takes years to build castles,
And a few seconds to vanish them,
Just by the stroke of an earth-quake
or agony of water.
Similarly, it takes years to build faith,
And just a wrong step to shatter.
It takes years to build relationships,
And just a fake step to scatter.
It takes millions of years to make a full circle
of compassion, peace, non-violence & positivity.
And just a bad thought to bluster.
May be its all just a part of the universal constant called change,
May be no one is to be blamed.
Coz there are infinite reasons behind every happening,
It’s the universe only which is sanctioning.
Every incident is working under a pattern,
Who are we to ask anything in this matter?
We can just be in sync with ourselves & do self-realization.
This is our only gestation.
This is our only gestation.
Thanks a lot friends for your time.
Have a happy day!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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