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Signs of True Passion


– If you are truly passionate about something you would stop listening the word “NO” & then would definitely find a way.
– You would always be enthusiastic, eager & happy to know more about anything related to your passion. In fact you would be elated of hearing those knowledgeable words.
– You would always be ready to sacrifice your comforts & to step out of your safety zone.
– You would always do it without expecting any result; you will do it for its sheer pleasure & enjoyment. And the results will follow automatically.
– You would not worry about your success because you would know you want it & have wished for it from the depths of your heart & now the universe is bound  to give you that.
– Remember the dialogue from the movie Main Hoon Na: “agar kisi cheez ko poori shiddat se chaho to saari kaynat tumhein usse milaane mein lag jati hai”.
It’s filmy but 100% true. 🙂
– Sometimes, very few times you would feel demotivated, after all you are a human being & designed like that. But very soon you would be over that silly depression because your passion would weigh far heavier than that. And again you would be full of energy & happiness.
In fact this time even more, each time even more. 🙂
– And one day you would be that energetic that depression would surrender in front of you & would give way to contentment, success & many other things…
-At last it’s all about how desperately you’ve wanted it, wished for it.
How conscious you were about it.
This is the sheer & pure selfishness. Through which we can serve the society. 🙂

Thanks for your time friends.
Have a pleasant evening!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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