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My dear bhakts,
I’m really humbled & obliged by your devotion towards me. You do everything to please me, to seek my blessings. You keep fasts, decorate temples & my idols. These things make me really happy.
However I do have some complaints also. In some things you have indeed misunderstood me.
I love all the decoration & jewellery you put on me; however you should not forget that I’m a spiritual deity. More than anything else I want your bhavas. Which should be pure.
Since few years I’m observing that many of you worship me in the temple. But some of you don’t have any respect for women. You are so busy with your business and all; that when it comes to the success of a woman, you can’t tolerate that and always find a way to disrespect her or to prove her characterless. I would like to tell you that I represent the feminine factor of the universe and each woman represents me. So, until you don’t respect a woman, how can you truly respect me?
If your mother is not happy at home, how can you say Jai Mata Di at the temple? If you don’t respect your wife, how can you respect me? If you don’t want a daughter, you kill her in the womb; how can you do Ashtmi poojan?
If you see every woman with bad intention, how can you offer chunri to me?
Once, only once just forget all my idols, decoration, the clothes you offer to me and everything; and see me as a formless, pure soul. Which is divine and beyond all pretentiousness. And then try to understand me. The day you’ll truly understand me, will be the day you start respecting the feminine factor of the universe and then you won’t do anything wrong with any woman. Then you will realise that there is no need to do such hullabaloo to please me.
So  bhakts, on this pious day of Durgashtmi, promise me that you’ll never hurt a woman. Just keep your thoughts pure and then you’ll see how this MAA will come for your rescue whenever you will be in need.

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