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My dear women, my dear Shaktis,
I’m happy to see you as my devotees as each one of you somewhere & somehow represents me too. I’m really humbled by your worshipping. However, now a days, I have some complaints with some of you too. Ladies, this universe has two prominent factors, the masculine & the feminine. All the men represents the masculine factor & obviously you represent the feminine one. This universe is incomplete without any one of you. Both of you have to recognise your true potentials & have to work accordingly. Things done by men can’t be done by you and don’t ever forget or get disheartened that what you can do can’t be done by men too. So, never ever under estimate yourself or think that you are less than them. In fact stop wasting your energy on these silly talks like who is better, men or you? Instead accept your feminism with pride, with ease, with comfort. Recognise your true Shakti, you are far beyond by being just a toy to men. So, (I would suggest) avoid dressing yourself in short clothes. Don’t just bound yourself in clothing; think beyond… Make it clear that freedom lies in one’s thoughts & not in clothing.
You must be wondering, why I am talking a lot about clothing? So, Shaktis, men & women works as the two opposite poles of a magnet. And you must be aware that opposites attract. Now here comes your true potential, men are weak in this regard; on the other hand you are the stronger factor, with stronger character & stronger decision making between right & wrong.
I hope you are getting my point. Don’t forget, I’m here to show you the way. Ultimate decision is always going to be yours. Now is the time to recognise your true potential, your true shakti.
And never forget that too; if you are shakti, the other woman is also a shakti. So, respect each other, support each other.
Don’t forget if men can’t do without you, you can’t do without them too. So, always decide accordingly.
The day you truly recognise your power, will be the day you discover me, my Shakti. Just at that moment you will get to know that I am in you, as you.
Maa Durga

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