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Sometimes when you are so busy that you forget to breathe


Sometimes when you are so busy,
So many things going on in mind,
So many works to do at the same time,
That you forget to breathe.
Halt for a minute, inhale some air,
And ask yourself,”am I going into the right direction,
Is the hard work worth it?”
Then your inner higher self would answer you.
Mine have said,”of course, this is it.”
Respect your each doing, value your each job,
Coz in future these tiny steps would make a big leap.
So, take your breathe, keep yourself fit and fine,
And be prepare for the future.
You may ask,” why to bother this much?
Isn’t it okay to stay in my own comfort zone?”
The answer is, “then simply don’t talk about influencing someone,”
Always remember, there could be no gain without pain.
And above all it’s all about the satisfaction,
The one which we get at the end of the day.
That yes, I’ve done something for the world,
And in turn for myself.
Never forget, this everyday’s satisfaction would lead us to the satisfaction of our lifetime,
When we would be near achieving prime.
When we would be able to die peacefully,
That we’ve accomplished our task responsibly,
We’ve accomplished our task responsibly.

Happy wednesday friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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