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A Perfect World


Can we expect a perfect world,
Where, there are neither woes, nor worries,
Neither crimes, nor furies.
Only love and peace,
Perfection and relief.
Where nature embraces the mankind
with its most wonderful presents,
Where scent of brotherhood expands innumerably
its feathers.
Where all the children play in the lap of mother nature,
Where everybody is living fully in the present,
No one is afraid of his future.
All the creatures live peacefully on our planet,
Each has his own individuality and has his own talent.
Each respects each, no one breaches,
Their speech is the humblest and no one preaches.
Can we? Shall we?
Of course, coz unless we won’t wish,
How can we ever achieve?
Until we start the journey,
How can we ever reach.
Come friends, let’s start the journey towards that perfect world,
Let’s take that first step in our hearts.

Pleasant evening buddies!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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