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Let’s Celebrate With Nature, For Nature…

What if we stop celebrating all the festivals of today and start celebrating the festival s of nature, with nature. We celebrate at every sunrise & every sunset, we celebrate at every moonrise & every moonset. We celebrate with wind, with clouds, with birds & trees, with rain, with thunderstorm, with change of weather.

Imagine we are standing on a horizon and the sun in about to rise, with all its glory, erasing the darkness of the world, illuminating every tiny particle, every mountain & every river. And the world is standing on that horizon, waiting for it patiently and as soon as the sun rises, trumpets begin to blow, drums start to beat and divine music starts to play. Every man & every woman is full of joy, feeling divine, light, serene & positive.

Birds are chirping like they always do at sunrise and we start our day with this positivity.

Similarly at the time of sunset, everybody come back from their work to celebrate the sunset. We all gather together to see him off. Being silent spectators of its beauty… aura… understanding innumerate message it has given during the day. We wave him off happily so that he can move on its path and can bring the next beautiful morning.

Similarly we can be happy at moonrise & moonset. At every rain & every wind. If we observe birds we’ll find that they do exactly the same. They live with nature. Being an important part of the same cosmos, come; let’s start to live with nature… for nature. 🙂

Have a pleasant day ahead friends!!!

Medhavi 🙂

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