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A Call From Mrs. Sudha Murthy


I got to know about Mrs. Sudha Murthy, when I picked two of her books from the book-store. ‘The day I stopped drinking milk’ and the other one was ‘The old man and his god’. It’s my habit that I store books in advance, sometimes it takes me months to start reading them. Same happened with these books. After a few months I started reading the previously mentioned book. As soon as I opened the book I realised that Mrs. Murthy is an author and chairperson of Infosys Foundation and she is the wife of Mr. Narayan Murthy, Executive Chairman, Infosys.
In that book she has shared some of her real experiences while working for the foundation and otherwise also. The book was written honestly and in a very simple language. I liked the book. Then after few months I was randomly searching on google about Mrs. Murthy and got to read her short autobiography: Sudha Murthy-Zero to Hero.
You can read it at the link given:

That influenced me even more. Through that I got to know how simple life she and her husband lead. There is no servant at home, she doesn’t wear any jewellery and once she visited a pilgrimage where one is supposed to leave a thing for the whole life, at this shrine she gave up shopping for herself. Since that day she has not purchased any saree for herself. After reading this I was mesmerised by her simplicity. Since that day I had it in my mind that I will buy a saree for her and will send it. But somehow I hesitated. More than six months passed and suddenly that idea came to me again. This time it was even stronger. So, finally I went to the market to purchase a saree for her and along with a letter couriered it. I sent an email in advance, requesting to accept the gift and her assistant’s reply came that please don’t send it as Mrs. Murthy is not accepting any gifts. But it was already on it’s way. And the next day it got delivered and I received an email that they have received the gift. I was at peace.
And then guess what? Yesterday morning I got a call from none other than Mrs. Sudha Murthy herself. She blessed me and said that the saree is very pretty and she is accepting it. What more an admirer could want.
I was on cloud 9!
Before purchasing the saree I was thinking that we buy saree for devi maa (goddess) also, though we have not seen her. But people like Mrs. Sudha Murthy are the real and living examples of that feminine divinity.
I asked myself then why I am thinking so much?

Happy Saturday and a pleasant weekend ahead friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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