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Why Did She Choose To End Her Life?

suicide quote

Few days ago I read Jiah Khan’s letter to her boyfriend, which she wrote before ending her life. I was really surprised by her death. Just a 25 year old kid, who had a bright future in Bollywood. Who was so bold that some of her scenes were banned in the movies. But it seems there lied a soft, insecure girl beneath that boldness. Who simply wanted to marry her boyfriend & settle down in life. And that’s not all; that child was even bearing her boyfriend’s tortures & abuses as well.

Why? Why were she bearing that? A bold, beautiful & independent woman but not emotionally independent I think. Why don’t they realize that ending your precious life because of someone’s tortures is not the solution. You can simply break-up, it may be tough but not tougher than ending your own life. And I really wonder the people who end their lives think that to take their own life is the end. There is a curiosity in them to see what lies out there & they think that would be better than their current circumstances. No, not at all kids. We cannot work against the rules of the universe. This body has been given to us by the universe and we don’t have any right to torture it, to suffer it or to end it.

And who knows what lies out there? But ending one’s life is going against the rules of the cosmos. And how can a person or soul be happy by breaking a universal rule? Don’t you think the universe will punish you? And after that no one would be there for you. Neither your parents nor your siblings & not any of your friends. You will be even lonelier.

And who would cry when you die? Besides your family no one is going to shed even a tear for you. So kids take lesson from this incident.


I don’t know this write up has a message in it or not or whether I’ve ended it properly? I just wanted to share what I wrote.

Thanks for your time friends.

Have a strong day ahead.


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