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A REAL LIFE INCIDENT- The Pitbull Concert And The Teacher


It was the first time the famous pop singer Pitbull was coming to India. Saloni, a sensible teenager, who was his great fan, wanted to go for that concert desperately. Because most foreign singers come but either in the southern part of India or in Mumbai.  Being a resident of Gurgaon, she was happy because this time her favourite singer was coming to The Center Stage Mall, Noida. And luckily it is a weekend  she could easily go. She asked her mom and dad. Her dad Sanjeev and mother Mamta, were always concerned about her safety, so they permitted her but said they would also go with her.
Here was Saloni,  feeling on top of the world. She took out all the details from the Internet, like from where to get the tickets, at what time they have to reach there etc. They were shocked to see the amount of the ticket. There were three types of tickets, one was for two thousand, the medium one was of four thousand and the most expensive one was of twelve thousand per person. The tickets were supposed to be allotted according to the distance from the stage, where the singer was about to perform. Haah!! But what could be done. They bought three tickets of the medium rank of twelve thousand rupees.  As  Mamta and Saloni were good friends, Saloni made Mamta listen to his songs, so that she could prepare herself for the concert and won’t get bored. 

Soon the day came when everyone was so excited to attend the Pitbull concert. They were supposed to reach there at the Center Stage Mall at 10 O’clock. Saloni told her dad to be on time so that they can reach there at time.  Finally they reached at the venue at 10:30 pm. They were shocked to see the crowd and the management of that place, it was chaotic. After standing for almost an hour, in the queue, finally they entered into that pub. They observed it immediately that the much hyped and so called “concert” was actually held in a small pub. And considering the size of the pub they sold many tickets exceeding its capacity. As they entered into the pub, there was smell of booze everywhere. But somehow they managed to bear it because the main attraction was Pitbull and not the crowd. They were trying to adjust in the atmosphere. Sanjeev was worried about his wife and daughter’s safety, as everybody was drunk. Gradually one hour passed and it was 12:30 am now. They asked someone when will the singer arrive, the answer was,” anytime soon”.  When they got tired by standing continuously, they went out for some air, as the pub was quite suffocated by overcrowding. There was a small lounge, where many people were sitting, who were also with their families and also waiting for the singer to arrive. There was a group of three or four teenagers, who were badly drunk. Sanjeev and Mamta observed the kids must be from middle class families. One girl among them was out of her senses and all of a sudden she puked. In front of almost thirty to forty people. Her friends were quite embarrassed. And may be that girl too. They asked for the bottle of water from Sanjeev as they were sitting next to them. 

This incident made this family even more uncomfortable. They again went inside the pub, now the time was 1:30 am. Now that was enough, Saloni was also discouraged. Sanjeev and Mamta asked Saloni if she still wants to wait or leave that place. Saloni moved her head in a yes. And they stepped out of the pub and then the mall. 
As they were moving towards the  parking to take their car. They saw it was quite a happening place at this odd hour. There was a paan shop, which was still open, and the couple (husband and wife), was still operating that shop together. Three of them took paan from that shop. They saw there were many poor kids roaming around. Suddenly they saw in one corner there was a young man is his mid twenties was teaching some of those kids. They asked the pan wallah about that man, he said he is a person who works in the day time and at night he teaches these poor kids.
 Sanjeev, Mamta & Saloni, All of them were having mixed emotions of frustration from the so called flop concert & appreciation after seeing this big hearted teacher. With these mixed feelings they left for home. Thinking that why they wasted their money on this show. Saloni took the pledge that never ever in future, she will go to these type of concerts.
Next day they read in the newspaper,” singer Pitbull was arrived at 2:30 am and performed for half an hour only”. 
Thanks friends for reading this and have a great weekend!!!
Medhavi Jain

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