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Come, let’s step into the school of life,
Which tells us how to deal with strife”.
We just need to recognise it,
We just need to analyse it.
When clouds are up there in the sky,
Holding water underlie.
Doesn’t it seem like we are in heaven,
When our mind get freshen.
Don’t they give us freedom from depression,
When we are able to make confessions.
To be like them, free from any boundary,
Deep, complete and soundly.
Have you ever seen a sunrise?
Isn’t it like a surprise.
When darkness disappears,
And only a divine light appears.
When we become more wise,
Start the day with new highs.
When we promise to ourselves,
I’ll live this day to the fullest.
When we become positive,
And say to ourselves to be more causative.
And haven’t you seen a sunset?
When the sun gives you the strength,
That whatever has come has to go also,
But only to return after some time.
So that we can value it and move on in life.
Have you seen a baby’s smile,
Don’t you think he is God in disguise.
He tells us to be transparent and innocent,
To ignore others’ mistakes as littlest.
His giggle seems as an instrument,
Which gives us an instant increment.
There are many examples just like them,
We just have to open our eyes and see them.
Life is the biggest teacher we can have,
It protects us from being naive.

Thanks and have a great day friends!!!
Medhavi Jain

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