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“Let’s Get Introduced To That Pure “I”

The state of nothingness,
To feel nothing.
To be present but still absent.
In this state of emptiness,
We can find our fullness.
We get introduced to ‘I’,
I, who is pure, serene and true.
Who is beyond time and space.
I, who has infinite capabilities,
I, who knows and understands everything.
That ‘I’ is the part of this universe,
That ‘I’ is full of positivity and hope.
That I is eternal,
That I is ageless.
That I is calm, that I is pure,
That I is no one but our soul.
You know who that I is?
That I is you, that I is me,
That I is our higher selves,
And that I is GOD.
Who truly cares for us,
Who helps us whenever we are in need,
Who warns us when we increase our greed.
Who gives us hope to face the tough times,
Who stops us when we are about to admit a crime.
Come, let’s get introduced to that “I”,
Who is our well wisher,
Who teaches us to fly.
Thanks friends and have a great day!!!
Medhavi Jain

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