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When the veil of demotivation lifts, we feel lighter and happier again. We want to express ourselves again, completely and profoundly. Then we ask ourselves, why does this happen to me, after every few months? And we answer ourselves, everything is there for a reason and perhaps it, too, is necessary; because after each period of demotivation, we transform. It gives us enough time to think, to take care of our other responsibilities as well. After each demotivation patch, we feel stronger than before, calmer than before. Its a journey and spots of demotivation are stops, where we can rethink, rejuvenate and reform.
In that period we analyse how we used to take out time for our passion, despite of our busy schedule. But in this patch we find ourselves unable to gather that courage, to take that step. At this time we realise how much courage is required to accomplish a particular task. And when that courage is missing, we stop finding meaning in whatever we are doing. We start to think, why am I doing this and for whom? But when that patch is over, we realise that we should not be affected by others’ appreciation or criticism because through our special talent we are serving none other than the universe. And she is the only one we are answerable to, besides ourselves.
While in this period, we continuously observe the people around us and their passions. We learn from them. We salute their spirit. We ask ourselves when would we be courageous enough to tackle these patches.
And after few days, again we find ourselves able to show our gratitude towards this cosmos. That, thank you universe for everything, for every breathe I take, for every thought I have in my mind and for each of the million blessings you have bestowed upon me. I can’t thank you enough. I can’t be humbled enough. I have nothing but gratitude.
Anyhow, we know that gradually we will grow stronger. In any case its an experience. May be these experiences of us will show way to others, like us, in the near future.
Just like you are reading it through my experience.
Have a great Saturday pals!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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