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Let’s Meet Our Very Own God


We can compare calm consciousness or spotless conscience with…

A rope without a knot,

A free flowing river without any obstacles,

A stagnant pond with clean water,

An ocean without waves,

A smoothly sailing boat,

The perfect weather, neither hot nor cold,

A house without any seepage or any broken walls,

A perfectly dense forest,

A grassland impeccably mowed,

A smooth road without any potholes,

A calm balanced face, with an expression of equanimity,

An errorless body structure, with perfect shape and existence,

A smooth circle.


Whether we believe it or not, we all are like this,

Somewhere, deep down there.

Perfect, balanced, calm, serene, spotless.

Let’s find out that form, that consciousness, that clear, lighter conscience.

Let’s start the journey here & now,

From this moment only.

Let’s take the first step towards honesty.

Because until the journey won’t start,

How would we ever reach the destination?

Let’s start the journey now,

Let’s start to be answerable to ourselves first.

Let’s meet our higher selves.

Let’s be purely egoistic.

Let’s start following the new religion of self-improvement.

Let’s meet our very own GOD.

Let’s meet our very own GOD.

Happy day friends!!!

Medhavi 🙂

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