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Feed The Animals With A Responsibility


It is good to feed animals. It gives us satisfaction that we are doing something for the hungry beings. But have we ever given it a thought that while feeding them, whether monkeys or dogs, how do we dispose of that food’s packing? Few months back we went to a hill station and on almost all of the hill-stations in India we find hundreds of monkeys on the way. And being responsible human beings we find it our duty to feed them. We also buy dozens of bananas and breads to feed the monkeys. Now being responsible citizens we are supposed to keep the polythene of the breads in our cars and must throw it into a dustbin or a suitable dump. But surprisingly we never pay attention to our responsibility towards being a good citizen. We take our country and nature for granted and I observed that many people were throwing the polythene on the roads. I was shocked to see this. I thought, what kind of a good-work is that? All people would have been gone towards their journeys with a satisfaction in their hearts that we have fed the hungry animals on the way. But in this satisfaction they completely ignored that what have they done to those serene mountains, where they are on a relaxation trip? They have polluted them with non-biodegradable plastics.
It is high time that we start thinking what do we mean by good-work or donation? And to be sure to not exploit any other rule or responsibility as good citizens.

Happy Monday and a thoughtful week ahead friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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