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Ladies Coupe’ by Anita Nair


Just finished the book Ladies Coupe’ by Anita Nair. A very interesting & touching tale of a woman, who is struggling for her own space & peace; just to be herself, all by herself. And how the society raise an eye on a spinster who wants to live alone. How, whether the people belong to South India or North India, always think that a woman is vulnerable, needs protection all the time; either of father or husband or brothers or son. How a strong woman resists this thinking by making her own room. This book is a must read by all; especially women. Their point of view towards women would definitely change.
Well mine is, for sure!
Now I’ve started respecting them even more because I know it’s not easy being one. She has to go through so many physical, emotional & mental changes that one can’t imagine. And still she cope up with them by her strength.
Just few days ago I used to think differently but after reading this book, my thinking has been totally changed.
One of my mother’s friend live alone & she is quite old; must be around 65. She has a husband, two married sons but whatever is the reason she prefers to live alone. Which must not be very easy.
Earlier I used to say to my mom that is this right to live alone that too at this age? And when one has a whole family? But now I respect that aunty’s point of view. She must have gone through some phase to take this decision. In fact now I want to meet her & congratulate her for her courage.
Just few days ago somebody was telling me that there is a lady who is so bindaas that if it is her birthday & her husband is busy; she goes on lunch & then for a movie alone & celebrate her birthday. That should be the spirit of everyone I think.
One more woman is there who lives alone; but in a luxurious way. She takes care of herself & her house very well. She doesn’t cook just to satisfy her hunger but she makes a meal with variety.
These real life incidents indicate that we truly need to broaden our perspective to see & understand womanhood.
I salute to those women of our society & once again I bow down in front of the Nari-Shakti of the universe.

Thanks for your time pals.
Eid Mubarak!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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