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Humans vs. Machines


Yet another fresh day is here,
My mobile, my i-pad and me, we all are 100% charged.
As we head for the day, gradually their batteries will decrease,
But as I’m human, according to my circumstances and emotions,
My performance would many times be at peak,
And many times it would be weak.
I would laugh, I would move, I would do my daily chores,
But they will just perform as I hold their oars.
How different humans and machines are?
They just fight for the batteries, but we; we may spar*.
We may love, we may hate, we may be angry or sad,
But they are just neutral, is it good or bad?
They can’t spread hatred just like humans,
They can’t rape someone, no matter whatever the circumstances.
Neither can they kill someone nor even hurt.
Its human only who can flirt.
But on the contrary humans are the ones who can grow spiritually to attain emancipation,
Their atoms are going to be here only, to be tackled again by humans.
Humans are the ones who’ve created them,
And they can only destroy.
Machines don’t have to fight with the ups and downs of life,
Of course they are away from strifes.
Hence they too give us message to stay neutral,
To never react and be a silent spectator.
So, my machines I simply love you,
You too have a learning to give,
You teach me to be indifferent and to forgive.
To forgive.

Happy weekend pals!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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