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When A New Swimmer Starts Swimming

When a new swimmer starts swimming,
Swims in the shallow waters of the river,
Gradually, as he attains perfection, he becomes a giver.
He becomes more confident with each dive,
Mentally and physically more thrive.
Slowly he starts to explore deeper waters and farther waves,
He often searches unknown, untouched caves.
Now swimming is his passion,
And ‘to touch the bottom of the ocean’ is his mission.
With each dive he goes even deeper and discovers a beautiful gem,
Slowly he becomes a hem.
He would keep doing so until he touches every nook and corner of the water,
Until he observes even the tiniest flick and be a spotter.
His satisfaction increases and experience touches new horizons,
His name becomes perfections’ abbreviation.
Bliss keeps increasing, in addition to peace of mind,
Somewhere and somehow he becomes aligned.
Now he can die smilingly and his soul may rest in peace,
He has enjoyed his lifespan, is now at a bliss.
Look! This is what he has given to humanity,
By enjoying himself and by believing in his being.
Yes, of course he was selfish and ego centric.
But what is wrong in focused ego, if you are serving to the mankind?
At least he is being honest, stood for himself and was not blind.
Was not blind.

A very happy monday & a happy week ahead friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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