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How My Weight Loss Journey Started

NOTE: This write-up is not for those who are looking for some miracle to loose weight or who want it to be fast. It’s a journey of sheer hard-work, self-analysation, some behavioral management & about training one’s mind & above all changing life style forever.


I remember when in 2009, I joined the gym, the trainer told me that it’s 70% of my diet that would help me to loose weight & gymming or any other form of exercise would only play 30% role. I didn’t pay attention as I just didn’t want to compromise on my diet. Anyhow, during that one year I lost 5 kgs, without following any diet. It was still a younger age of early thirties. When I stopped gymming, within a few months my weight was back.

Now I started Yoga, here also the teacher told me the same thing, which I ignored again. This time I didn’t loose weight, though because of Yoga I started feeling lighter, good & healthy.

The deceiving

My body gave me much of flexibility but I misused it everytime, for a long time. As I was growing in age, my eating habits became even worst. And what I did to deceive it further, I started doing one hour long brisk walk along with Yoga. The result was my body started to get toned but because I had no control over my tongue, my weight kept increasing.

To be honest, all this while my conscience kept telling me that I am doing wrong, I must take care of my weight and to my wonder now, I kept ignoring that too.


The awakening

In those years I started to write, became a blogger, got two of my books published. I used to consider myself a spiritual. Then one fine day I contemplated, spirituality means to be closer to one’s soul, to listen to what it says, and what I am doing is opposite. Being into spirituality I must be able to control my spoiled eating habits.

I stared hard myself in the mirror, I was so anguished that I wrote a ten page diary entry on self-criticism.

Then in the beginning of 2015, when I was about to get my life-coach certification, we were given an assessment to have an experience of few hours of coaching. All the colleagues were free to coach each other. Then I got to know that there is someone in our group, who has done a lot of research in dietetics. She was Sarita Goswami, we had our first session & from the on the journey started.

From our very first session Sarita, without criticising, made me realise, what was wrong in my diet. I felt so good that now I have someone on whom I can rely upon, to whom I am answerable, who would never judge me & would take me to the right path.

I realised that being a life coach, I must do something that could proved to be a learning for me as well & later on I could share my experiences with all. That thought gave me enough reason to get motivated.

[su_box title=”Crossing the line ” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#8f0f0c” title_color=”#11032b”]“There is a thin line between perfect weight & over weight. We cross it intentionally & the more far are we from our ideal weight, the lesser attention we tend to pay to it. Gradually over the years the situation becomes worst and we are left with obesity & an unhealthy body.”[/su_box]


The result after one year

I’ve lost 8 kgs. out of which 7 kgs. were lost in the first five months, then there was a plateau of seven months, which I had to bear patiently. Besides weight loss, I am satisfied with myself that now I am honest with my body. I am healthier, happier & more confident.


[themify_box style=”bluehighlightrounded” ]

‘During the plateau I could feel that though the weight is not going down but something positive is under process.’



Having mild hypothyroidism, I am satisfied because I know at this age I am rowing the boat into an opposite direction, which is tougher, the results would be slower but still I am trying.


What I learnt


  1. We require much lesser food than we eat.
  2. Slow eating is mindful eating.
  3. We must show gratitude while having meals, from the farmer, who sowed the seeds, the vegetable vendor, to the person who has cooked for you and to the universe.
  4. If I did over eating, no worries; I can always balance it afterwards.
  5. Added fruits, salads, dry fruits, ghee & butter in my diet.
  6. I must tolerate hunger but shouldn’t famish myself.
  7. Its healthy to drink lots of water throughout the day.
  8. No matter how I love a particular dish, I have to respect it & eat it in moderate amounts because this is not the last time I am having it.
  9. I obeserved thin people around me, (esp. my son) they know exactly when their stomachs become full.
  10. I learnt to deal with emotional eating, as I am not supposed to torture my body for the outer circumstances of my life.
  11. I wrote more than 100 quotes on my weight loss experiences, which now I’ve started to share on my FB page. Do read them.


What I still have to learn 


I want to learn how to keep fasts on fruits & salad. I want to control myself even more as even now I often let go of myself in front of cravings & favourite dishes. I want to enjoy more the emptiness of the stomach.


Helps: Along with my hard-work & Sarita’s guidance, a book named ‘The Beck Diet Solution’ helped me tremendously.


End Note: That’s all friends, I know I’ve achieved 50% of what I planned but I am sure, in another year I’ll be able to loose further.

Look around you, you’ll see how few people are spoiling their bodies, by eating junk & at inapproriate times, without even paying attention how that food is negatively affecting them. It’s high time that we must wake up towards a healthier future, before it’s too late.

If I can be of any help to you under this context, feel free to contact me. You can visit Sarita’s website here: Innerfitness



Love, peace, happiness & good health


Medhavi 🙂



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