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It Shows That You Care

There are some little gestures,
Which shows that you care.
You care for humanity,
You care for life,
You care for society,
You care for mankind.
When in a public place,
There is no room for space,
All the seats are full & someone older enter,
When you offer your seat to her,
It shows that you care.
While in a restaurant there is a hour of rush,
People are standing in queues,
So that they can get a seat when someone leave,
You are through with your meal,
You notice that someone is waiting to be seated,
At that moment you don’t waste your time by just sitting & talking,
You just pay your bill & move out walking.
It shows that you care.
When you use a public toilet,
After using you feel your responsibility to clean it,
So that the person after you will be at comfort.
It shows that you care.
When in winters you have loads of coats & sweaters,
But your maid has not even one.
You take out one (or more) of your sweater
& give it to her.
It shows that you care.
When you are in a lift & the door is about to close,
You hold the switch to keep the door open
For a person about to enter.
It shows that you care.
When you are eating a snack in a moving vehicle,
You don’r throw the wrapper on the road.
Because you think it’s illegal.
It shows that you care.
There are thousands of examples like these,
These are just a few.
Now think about them & replenish your view.

Have a tremendous day friends!!!
-Medhavi 🙂

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