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The Road Most Traveled


I don’t know why, I always chose the road most traveled,
And made my journey ravelled.
Whichever seemed smoother & softer on the surface,
Instantaneously I joined it without a delay.
Since the day I opened my eyes into this world,
It has never been my own honest, well analysed opinion about any person or situation.
But it has always been whirled,
Affected by others’ gestation.
If they said he is bad,
I consented yes he is.
Without even trying to know the reason.
If they said she is mad,
I consented yes she is.
Without even realising that its a treason.
This way I hurt many souls,
Without even knowing my own faults.
I’ve always indulged myself in gossips,
I got influenced & in turn influence others in my fellowship.
I have put my energy in not so good tasks,
Gradually, knowingly or unknowingly I put my consciousness under masks.
Then one day all of a sudden my hidden consciousness gave me a shudder.
It asked what are you doing?
Where are you going?
And I woke up thinking till now I am just gluing.
Since then gradually my senses are awakening,
Each day I’m exploring new things, new ideas,
And this way I am again stationing.
I wonder how easily I surrendered,
Enough! Now I have to be rendered.
Now, I’ve decided I will walk the road less traveled,
I know its long & tough,
But at least through this I would unravel.
Now I respect each being’s individuality,
I would try my best to change my mentality.
I would respect every point of view,
Through this I would subdue.
Through this I would subdue.

Thanks a lot for your time friends.
Have a pleasant evening!!!
Happy Raksha Bandhan,
Medhavi 🙂

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