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Knowledge or Ignorance… which is Better?


I was quite a dumbo when I was a kid. For me it was a charm to see the weather updates in the evening news. And interestingly when it used to be summers; I used to be very happy seeing the temperatures soaring high to 47-48 degrees Celsius. I used to think about it as a good sign; as if the more the temperature, the lesser the heat. I was not bothered about the intolerable heat because I didn’t use to take them as summers. It was mere a season for me. In the afternoons we used to take our naps in front of a cooler & in nights we used to sleep on the roofs.

Days & nights were used to be very hot but I don’t remember if we have ever cribbed about them. It was just a season.

Similarly, I used to like the rainy season the most. I used to love to see the black clouds moving in the sky & their grey impact on the earth. How sun-light used to hide from us behind those clouds. At that time I never used to notice how humid & suffocating it gets when it rains. I just used to love it as a season.

But now when I am grown up; I still check the temperature through internet, news & through car’s temperature meter and now I know what it means the temperature to be on 47-48 degrees. Now I know it’s damn hot; now I crib & make noise that why summers are here? Now I live in AC but still feel the humidity of the rainy season. Because now I’m grown up; I know how to react on these weathers.

Today suddenly I thought what is the reason behind this? Is ignorance better than knowledge? Or it’s just how we take it?

Then I thought can’t it be possible that we detach ourselves from the weathers as well & not let them affect us?

Otherwise also we say anything exist because we know it exists. If we become unaware of its existence; it stops to exist.

So, do these weathers really exist or we just react towards them because we have seen people reacting like this?

Anybody…. Any opinions?

Thanks for reading this friends.

Have an ignorant day ahead!!!

Medhavi 🙂

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