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Let’s Be!!! Let’s Be!!!

man and woman

When we talk about opposites & analyze that both (extreme) opposites are two sides of the same coin; how can we forget male & female in this context. They too are the two sides of the same coin, closely connected; one can’t exist without the other. So, please go through these lines & provide me your valuable feedback.

Come! Let’s dive deeper into life,

Let’s dive deeper into feminity.

(If you are a woman)

Let’s dive deeper into masculinity.

(If you are a man)

Let’s experience our being,

Let’s enjoy it to the fullest.

Let’s be comfortable with it,

Let’s live it completely, to the core,

And get over it.

Let’s accept that there is a big-big reason for my being,

And the universe wants me to be like this.

Now, it’s my turn to thank the universe,

For whatever she has given to me.

If I could ever give the tiniest amount back to her,

That would be my task, my friend!

That would be the reason of my existence, my friend!

Let’s accept ourselves as we are,

Truly, honestly.

Let’s accept others as they are,

Truly, honestly.

Let’s respect each other,

Let’s give space to each other,

Let’s be friendly with each other.

Let’s be!!!

Let’s be!!!

Thank you friends for your time.

Have an honest day ahead!!!

Medhavi 🙂

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