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Why Do We Use “IT” For Animals?


This question has been bothering me since a long time. When animals have genders of male and female, why do we talk about them as, it’s moving, it’s running, it’s playing? They are not objects or is this yet another example of human domination? Because humans tend to think about themselves & for themselves only. Every other species on earth comes after humans. But recently I’ve realized a positive view in this.

If we think philosophically; our consciousness, our higher self or our soul, that power is free from this gender discrimination. It is beyond these tiny things. It is pure, serene, calm & innocent. So, whenever we talk about that consciousness we never use words like “he” or “she”. We always use “IT”.

Hence, in this context I think I should not bother if our English grammar calls them “it”; because whether we admit it or not, animals are far better than us, they are mush closer to their consciousness than we are. They are far more innocent in compare to us.

Therefore in a way it’s good that they are called “it”. Hope you agree? 🙂

Thanks for your time buddies. Have a thoughtful day!!!

Medhavi 🙂

Image Courtesy- My daughter Divyanshi.

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