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Your Passion Is The Reason Behind Your Existence

One’s passion is the reason behind his/her existence. One should always go for his passion. It’s okay if you didn’t get an opportunity long back. But remember that too was for a reason, may be that was not the right time, may be you had to analyse more about your passion, may be the more one waits to achieve whatever he wants, the sweeter the result is. So, never regret or blame anyone.  Just take it as it comes. And one day you’ll find your passion standing in front of you to embrace you. Lucky are those who found their passion, the reason behind their existence, in their childhood only. Otherwise people strive hard to search what they really want. Some found theirs in middle age, some in old & some couldn’t get to know what passion is?
That too is for sure that we all here for some reason, to make a difference. And we can make that difference through our passion, by doing what we really like.
So, people don’t give up. Always look up for your passion. Want it from the depths of your heart and want it so badly that universe become bound to get that to you.
This is the law of attraction. 🙂
But beware your passion should not be against the laws of the universe.
Have a pleasant weekend!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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