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A Letter From The Universe To All The Dreamers

Hello dreamers!
I know all of you have some unfulfilled dreams, there are some things you badly want to do, achieve. Some of you want to earn money & get famous. Some of you want to be future leaders & want to change the world. I know them all, I listen to all your wishes, silently.
You know the universe works according to some rules. One of the rule is if you want something honestly & wish for it from the depths of your heart, the whole energy around you gets charged with your wish & slowly this energy, these molecules spread into the whole universe. And then the universe starts working to grant your wish. Obviously, if you have wished for something, it means you must be working hard for it too. You can’t be lazy and can not leave all the responsibility to the universe alone. You have to be charged all the time.
These things are co-related. You wish honestly, works hard  towards it & the universe also works to provide you your wish.
So, if sometimes you feel demotivated that whatever you are doing is going waste, please never ever think like that. Because hard work never goes waste, believe me; never.
Second thing is positivity. I know most of you wish for something positive but I know that too that few of you wish for negativity, either in form of someone’s loss or to hurt someone physically or mentally. So, dears here comes the second law of the universe. This is the law of many folds. Whatever we all think, speak or do, it gets registered in the universe, in form of molecules & tiny particles. It gets stored up there to return to you in future. And it returns in manifolds, in increased numbers. So, if you are wishing for something positive, no need to worry. But if you are wishing something negative, never forget that this negativity is going to return to no one but you only. So just be a little conscious while wishing.
Further, I want to tell all of you who want to achieve something big in life that whatever you’ve wished for will soon be yours. So, just be prepared to handle the pressure, the workload, the criticism of that success. Because people will mock you, will make circumstances even tougher for you. At that time never ever forget that I’ll always be there to love you, to guide you, to support you. But the final decision will always be yours. I’ll do my work silently, by being just a witness only. If in future you will do something wrong, I won’t stop you, I’ll only observe & register. So, don’t forget that the ultimate decision belongs to you only.
With this message I end my letter. I love you and my best wishes are always with you.
Take care,
The Universe
Hope you liked this imagination of mine. Thank you friends for your time & support always. Have a pleasant day ahead.
Medhavi 🙂

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