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I Pretend

When I say I’m not angry,
But truly in my heart I’m full of rage,
I pretend.
When I say I believe in equality,
But in my heart I’m biased,
I pretend.
When I say I love everybody evenly,
No matter how their nature is,
But in just a tiny incident,
I start to fret,
I pretend.
When I say I can mould myself to any circumstance,
If the situation is in my favour, it’s alright,
But at the slightest opposite condition,
I feel anguished,
I pretend.
When I say I’ll concentrate only on good habits of others,
But at anyone’s slightest misbehave,
I forget all his goodness,
I pretend.
When I say I’ll only utter wise words,
That I won’t waste my energy on useless talks,
But as soon as someone starts to gossip,
I loose control on my tongue,
I pretend.
When I say I’m calm enough to welcome whatever happens in life,
That I’ll never loose my cool, and  will just go with the flow,
But as soon as some hardship hits me,
I start to curse my fate,
I pretend.
When I say I won’t envy anyone,
Rather I’ll join everyone’s happiness by heart.
But when some dear one is happy,
I begrudge.
I pretend.
Why? Why am I like that?
So pretentious.
Or is this human nature?
But I have to control this.
I have to learn to restrain my negative thoughts.
As this is the most important thing.
And for that self analyzation is essential.
Self analyzation is essential.

Hope you liked it friends. Have a nice day ahead!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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