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When we are in need,
We even like the person, who is otherwise unwanted.
If a tap is leaking in our bathroom
& it’s sound is bothering to the extreme.
We need a plumber to fix it up,
So that we can be at peace.
If there is no water in the overhead tank
Because the water pump is not working,
No water at home and we are feeling irritated,
We need an electrician to fix it up,
So that we can be at peace.
If the door of our cupboard is broken down & hanging,
We are unable to open it up & feeling annoyed.
We need a carpenter to fix it up,
So that we can be at peace.
If the grass of our garden needs a grooming,
And our lawn mower is not working,
We need a gardener to fix it up,
So that we can be at peace.
And on top of all, if our house is dirty & the kitchen messy,
Some guests call you up & say they are arriving,
I think all the women can understand how it feels?
Extremely irritating.
Just at that time we need our angel maid to fix everything up,
So that we can be at peace.
Now think what exactly is peace?
Is it a state of mind or anything else indeed.
If the tiny things at our home are not bothering us,
Can only then we be at peace?
Yes, it’s (sort of) true, only then we can be at peace.
Because peace can be consisted when everything goes easy,
When we are living a life which is not so busy.
And have you noticed one more thing?
How many people help peace to bring.
Then why not thank everybody in our lives,
And not treat them as unwanted.
Come, let’s thank our helpers,
Without whom, our lives would be no better.
A BIG THANKS to my plumber,
A big one to the electrician,
A big one to the carpenter,
And how can I leave the gardener.
And I’m thankful to my maid all the time,
Because she is the one needed almost every time.
Thank you everybody is my life,
For bringing me the PEACE.

Thanks & Have a great day!!!
Medhavi Jain

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