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In Those Realms…


Deep within, we are the knowers,

Deep down there, we are the thinkers.

In that world, we are the parents & we the children,

In those realms, we are the teachers & we the students.

In those realms, we are the celebrities & we the common man.

Yes, we are the devils there & we the angels,

Who guide us when we are lost,

who criticize us when we are wrong.

Who pamper us when we hurt,

Who scold us when we are blurred.

Its a fight within,

Its a patch up within.

Its blissful within,

Its eternal within.


The whole world within,

The whole universe within.

And we are the ones who wander here & there

in search of ourselves.

In search of peace,

In search of bliss.

Why are we like that,

Seems we are in an abyss.

Come friends! take a step towards light,

Be a knight.

Be a knight.


Thanks a lot for your valuable time buddies.

Have an analyzing day ahead!!!

Medhavi 🙂