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The Road Less Traveled- A Poem For Teenagers


When a stream is flowing,
How easy it is to go with it.
To follow what all are following.
To just let go of us with that flow,
Which is for sure, is not going into the right direction.
Now what we choose is our action.
Difficult is to adopt a different path,
To choose the right way.
The road less traveled.
Which goes tough & far,
But makes our lives unraveled.
All are talking about having a girlfriend/boyfriend,
There is nothing wrong in having one.
But don’t you think it’s too early thus?
It’s time to enjoy your freedom,
To learn new things, to have fun.
Why to bound yourself in relationships just,
Be friendly with everybody,
Your whole life is waiting ahead buddy!
Each stuff “good or bad” is just a click away
in this time of gadgets.
And you all have these assets.
But why is it like that you choose to search all the bad stuff,
Which gives you momentarily pleasure,
& leaves you with a guilty pressure.
Why do you forget that they are for us
Not we are for gadgets.
You want to share everything on social networking sites,
And think your so called friends out there really care.
The truth is they don’t even give it a thought,
What you are going through.
They are just liking your statuses & commenting with smilies.
The fact is they don’t have a cue of any ups
& downs of your life,
How are you dealing with its strifes?
Then why to waste such long hours on them,
You should not forget that you all are gems,
Who are raw & fresh.
And can be moulded into whichever shape & form,
But your destiny completely lies in your hands,
You have to set your norms.
And have to dream for the future,
As we all are here to nurture,
To take the humanity further.
From where your elders would leave it,
You have to pick it up & recommit.
If you have problem with your parents or siblings,
Go straight & talk to them with humbleness.
Whatever would be the consequences,
Unless you won’t regret that you’ve not given it chances.
Life is how you shape it,
It’s your dress, its up to you how you drape it.
It’s up to you how do you see it & what do you extract,
You are on your free will,
Its up to you what do you attract.
You all are leaders, you all are dreamers,
You all are seeders, you all are creamers.
So, never underestimate you power,
You are the need of this hour.
You are the need of this hour.

Happy weekend friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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