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Nothing Is Wrong In Being Jealous


Sometimes I really wonder why we ignore our bad traits like-jealousy, anger & pride. What is wrong in them? Why do we think that a person having these feelings is bad? They are the innate part of human nature. Let’s face them & learn to handle them as they live with a person as long as he lives. No matter how big or small, famous or common that person is. Each & every one of us has to go through them in our life’s routine. In some they are on a higher note, while in some moderate. But we can’t run from them. Main thing is not to surrender in front of them. We should always keep our minds in our control & should not let them take over us.
Important part is to be aware of them, conscious of them that yes they exist & now its up to me how do I handle them. Yes, of course they are bad. But why are they bad, I have to analyse that also. And then I have to work upon how to overcome them.
In our self-realisation time, we should accept that yes I am jealous because I know that person is better than me. Now how to get rid of that jealousy? Simple, try to do your best & respect the other one for his qualities & virtues. Our negative energy can be nullified by our positive energy only. So we should always focus on the flow of our energy.
There is a famous proverb,”the best way to get rid of a problem is to face that”.
So, it’s okay to be jealous as it is human nature. So be jealous, but at the same time be conscious of it’s existence & control it, fight with it, see if you are doing anything wrong due to it. If you are hurting someone physically or mentally because of it or due to your anger, pride or any other deceitful act.

Come friends! Lets face these monsters-anger, jealousy & pride. Lets analyse them & come over them. And soon they will give way to calmness, humility, honesty & generosity & above all peace of mind. 🙂
I hope it made sense?
Thank you for your time.
Have a thoughtful evening!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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