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All the superheroes have these common traits:
-They are not born superheroes, they are made.
-They never give up.
-They too make mistakes, sometimes even terrible ones, but still they learn from them & move ahead.
-They are also as human as us.
-They also feel depressed & demotivated sometimes but they overcome these phases either with the help of their near ones/well wishers or by themselves.
-They are the ones who want people to see the world through their eyes.
-They are also dumb sometimes, but somewhere & somehow they are comfortable with their dumbness & as soon as they accept that dumbness they get on their path of being superheroes.
-They are the ones who’s talks create storms because they talk fresh, they talk about new ideas, they talk about the things which people have never been thought of.
-They bring revolution.
-They feel their responsibility towards the universe.
-They follow their passion.
-They work hard.
-They don’t pay attention what other people are saying about them, they just mind their own business.
-When they start their journey they too are equally unaware about their future, just like any one of us. But still they put their 100%, the rest is taken care by the universe.
-When they wish for something, they wish it  from their heart, badly & honestly. Then the universe becomes bound to fulfil their wish.
-They don’t become superheroes in a blink or by any miracle just like we see in movies like Spiderman or Superman. It’s a step by step & gradual procedure.
-We all have the capability to become like them. We just need to focus on our strengths & follow our passion.
-They are the ones who listen to everybody but do what they feel is right.
-They too feel weak & helpless sometimes, they too need love, appreciation & support.
-They guide the society, they are the torchbearers.
-Yes, they are blessed, they get a boon from this universe but this boon is not visible.
-They too have to struggle.
-All the superheroes, whether mythological like: Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Mahaveer, or of modern times like: Mother Teressa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Abdul Kalaam etc. etc. were born as normal as us they just wrote their destiny themselves.
Conclusion– So the conclusion is; we all have the capability to become superheroes. Who knows what lies in our future, may be we too become one of the superheroes. So why not give our 100% in whatever we do.
Thanks friends for your time & patience. Have a tremendous day!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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