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Sometimes hard like a rock,
Sometimes vulnerable like a gawk.*
Sometimes on top of the world,
Sometimes at the bottom of the cosmos.
Sometimes transparent as water,
Sometimes act like a plotter.
Sometimes light as wind,
Sometimes find oneself pinned.*
Sometimes feeling joyous,
Sometimes extremely nervous.
Sometimes motivated towards one’s mission,
Sometimes having no clue of one’s own vision.
Sometimes fully present in the moment,
Sometimes entangled in the past and future.
Sometimes thinking I can deal with the world,
Sometimes find oneself unable to face one’s own self.
This is how we are designed,
Still we have to find the task we have assigned.

*gawk: an awkward stupid person
*pinned: fastened with a pin

Have a thoughtful evening and a pleasant weekend friends!!!
Happy Republic Day.
Medhavi 🙂

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