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A conversation with a plant

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O little plant! Recently the gardner has shifted you from that big pot to this even bigger earth (ground), as you grew so big that even that big pot was unable to hold you. How are you feeling at this big change in your life?
“Lo! Finally you noticed me, I’m giving you signs by moving my leaves since then only that hey, look at me, at sudden changes in my life, write something upon me but I thought you were ignoring me.”
“Okay, listen actually I am a bit afraid as I am not used to of such big home. It seems as if the whole earth is my home now. I know, I have limited roots which can only spread unto a limited part of the soil but the soil doesn’t end there, it is beyond that. This infinity scares me. You know, when you don’t know the limitations and boundaries of your own home. But I think it is natural. Right now my roots are getting acquainted with the soil particles and they are trying to expand their grip. Currently, I am not that stable, but I know with every passing unit of time I would make myself steady even more and if I won’t be able to do so, I may die, just like the previous plant did. I am getting this that we all belong to infinity and our harmony with that. The more we are in sync with it, the more contented are we.”
The plant has stopped conveying its message now and I am thinking, buddy! you truly have the strength, I admire your capabilities.

Have a pleasant evening and a very happy week ahead friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

Sharing the real image of the plant

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