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A tribute to Shri Khushwant Singh ji

Khushwant Singh

He played with the words, used them wisely,
He explored different realms of life through pen, brightly.
Recently he completed 99 years of his fulfilling life,
And had said I’ve lived enough,
Now I am waiting for the death to arrive.
He lived fully, honestly,
He expressed himself truly.
And with a clear conscience,
See he died peacefully.

He was none other than the great author Mr. Khushwant Singh (February 2, 1915 – March 20, 2014), best known for his secularism, humour and an abiding love for poetry. He was the recipient of Padma Vibhushan, the second highest civilian award in India.
I read two of his books, Train to Pakistan and There is no god (agnostic Khushwant). The first book was based on the riots at the time of partition. While the latter held his personal views on God and religion. Where he favoured that there is a need for a new religion of open-mindedness, brotherhood and non-violence.
Once I read a write-up by him in my daughter’s text-book, The Portrait of a Lady. Where he shared about his time spent with his grandmother. It was truly heart touching and descriptive.
I pay my hearty homage to him. May he travel upwards on his next journey and would guide the souls there too, through his sense of humour.
Happy friday pals!!!

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